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12:41 PM

8.2 mi


9:08 mi


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9 / 10
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Couldn't have run this workout any better. Warm up mile was relaxed and controlled. Started first interval conservatively running the first half mile in about 4:38. Began increasing the effort slightly after the first half mile and the increase in pace over the rest of the interval came naturally. After the one minute recovery jog, began the second interval pretty much where I had finished the first interval. Fell into a comfortably hard effort quickly in the second interval and then maintained it to the end of the interval. Third interval was almost identical to the 2nd. Again I fell into a comfortably hard effort/pace early in the interval and had no trouble maintaining it all the way to end of the interval. Cool down mile was effortless & easy after the harder effort in the tempo intervals. Felt great during the entire workout & had no trouble maintaining the comfortably hard effort without ever straining or having to force the pace. Had no problems completing the pedestals w lifts x 2; Grant Green routine; leg circuit 2 & Core X routine (30 seconds) after the run Felt real confident going into this workout and then the execution matched my expectations.