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8:00 PM

2 mi


7:37 mi


81 F


4 / 10
6 / 10
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Waited all day for my daughter to run but she was too busy :( I decided I would go out and at least get a short run in. I tried my new shoes out for the first time and they felt great. My right foot outer hurt a little bit, but it has been hurting with my normal shoes and didn't hurt any worse with these. I will write more about these shoes once I get a few runs in on them, but they are the new Pearl iZumi syncroFuel XC....... I know.... I need to take them off-roading :)

I ran these two miles faster than I probably have ever run 2 miles so yea for me!!! :) I wanted to get the run in so I could meet my wife while she was out for a walk and finish up the walk with her. I knew if I ran too slow I wouldn't get to her in time.

I ran with my new Sony Wireless MP3 Player that I just wrote up on my blog - I like it. If you haven't checked it out yet, go check it out...... I am giving away a new one thanks to Sony (just look at the bottom of the posting if you don't want to read about it.