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12:50 PM

4.2 mi


10:22 mi


27 F


2 / 10
5 / 10
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A great, but hard, snow 4.2 mile run with my two daughters. Ashlee just ran the first mile with us, but Payton and I continued on to round out 4.2 miles. It was cold at 27 (feels like 16) with snow and ice everywhere.

We got hit with nearly 7 inches last night which NEVER happens here in Atlanta so everything is closed and the roads are ice and snow everywhere. It rained (freezing rain) much of our run, but wasn't too bad because it was mostly frozen so it didn't get us wet. The top part of the snow was crunchy from the freezing rain for the past few hours but was still easier to run in that the ice where the cars had been since it was really slippery (duh!) The exaggerative steps to get through the snow made it a hard run.

Fun Times!