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1:25 PM

13.1 mi


10:06 mi


48 F


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A half marathon trail run at the Yellow River Park near Stone Mountain.

The first half of the run I ran the familiar more technical trails up near the river and the second half I ventured off onto some wide and some technical trails up and down and around the hill inside the park. some of these seemed like they had not been used in quite some time and I had to watch my step quite a bit, but they were fun. It was also nice because I didn't have to deal with the people that were up and around the normal trails I run. There were quite a few people out on the trails today because it was so nice with the sun and nearly 50 degrees.

The weather did make it awesome to head out in shorts and a t-shirt which was really nice. I started with some GU Chomps and had a GU mid way through the run. Speaking of GU, I am giving away a sampler pack on my blog right now -