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7:30 AM

4 mi


10:57 mi


75 F


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The ATC Fathers Day 4 miler was this morning and I ran it with all three of my kids :)

I could leave it at that and it would be good enough :)

Payton left us at the starting line and ran a great race - easy for her at just under 30 minutes. Ashlee left me and Brady within the first mile and ran it right around 36 min.

Brady and I took it easy but probably ran that first mile a little fast given the hills that were in front of us and the fact that he has never run more than 3 miles before. He started to feel it in the first big hill near the end of the first mile and so we chose to walk all the hills from that point forward. I am very happy with his effort and his attitude. He did a great job and kept trying to go as much as possible. He knows know he needs to get out there a bit more with me :)

Fun day with the kids!