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9:45 PM

3 mi


9:50 mi


86 F


2 / 10
6 / 10
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Good 3 miler at 9:45pm. I couldn't get out this morning and worked all day coding so 9:45 at night was the only time I could get a run in.

As i was in my first mile nearing 10:00pm I was running down an unlit road (in my full reflective with flashing light) I came up on two people running (?) towards me. To set the scene.... I was running on the white line since there are no sidewalks facing traffic. They were running (?) towards me two deep with one of them well on the traffic side of the white line...... and get this..... in complete black!!

The only reason I even knew they were coming towards me was because I saw a car swerve out to miss them and then come back to his side of the road as if he was going to hit me. I did not see them until I almost ran into them they were dressed so dark. Even when I came up on them they didn't move so I had to run nearly to the center of the oncoming lane to get around them.

I don't get people.......