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8:25 AM

14 mi


10:13 mi


177 lb


36 F


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14 Mile


This was my longest long run to date. I had been looking forward to it for some time, as the last long run I was going to do was over the holidays and I got a really bad chest cold and could only run shorter runs. I also was looking forward to a nice run because it has been in the 50's every morning this week. Well, of course this morning I got up and it was in the 30's - Arrrggghhh!

I started by stretching and finishing getting ready and planning when I would drink etc. I took off the first couple miles a little fast I think, because I think they were right around 9 min miles. I don't know for certain because this was a new route for me and I didn't know exactly where the miles were like on my other runs.

I ran to the 7 mile mark before drinking anything. At the 7 mile mark I stopped at a QT and downed 22oz of gatorade and also bought a water to carry with me for some time. I probably should not have but I also used a GU pack at the same time. It did however seem to help and I felt good for the next few miles, even singing along with my music for a little bit while leading up the the 9 mile mark. I then drank some water and took another GU pack at about the 11 mile area.

My left foot really didn't hurt at all like it has off and on over the past couple weeks. The same is true for my left front upper leg, although it did seem a little weak at times.

I made a mistake of putting too many steep hills right at the end of the run, and felt like I was going to absolutely die at about the 13 mile mark. The hill right at the 13 mile mark did me in and I had to walk it, it was about a tenth of a mile. My right calf started cramping pretty bad and about 13.5 miles. My legs were really heavy when I got home, but I stretched for a few minutes and quickly drank two scoops of a protein shake and ate a banana.

All in all, my legs and feet are feeling much better than I figured they would at this time.