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11:20 AM

4.3 mi


8:14 mi


35 F


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Workout time in 35 degree weather in Indiana (it was nearly 70 yesterday!). Ashlee and Payton were supposed to run a workout today so I ran it with them.... sorta. The cool part was that it also fell on the workout day according to my reverse taper plan. We ran a mile warm up to get to the asphalt trails. Once we got there we ran a mile at 5k race pace. I tried to keep up with them, and for as old as I am I think I did pretty good :) The trails were marked at the 1/2 mile markers so this was good for this mile mile. I ran it all out and finished with a 6:35 - the fastest mile I have ever timed (at least as an adult - don't know what I used to run in high school)

Following the mile they had two 400 repeats with 400 cool downs in between. Since we didn't have a track I used GPS and told them to give me a one minute head start. I got out a 1/4 mile and waited for them. These turned out really good for me and I ran a 1:41 for the first one and 1:45 for the second one. We finished off with an easy 1/4 mile and then a mile cool down to get back to the house.

A great workout, and I felt great considering it was just a week after the marathon.