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2:25 PM

12 mi


9:18 mi


191 lb


47 F


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6 / 10
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Gotta love a long run of 12 miles with negative splits! It was only a 1 minute negative split but I will take it after not running this distance since before the marathon and subsequent back issues. 1st 6 miles @ 56:18 and the 2nd 6 miles at 55:12.

The run started at 50 degrees with winds from 20-27mph, of course they seemed to be directly in my face most of the time. I ran a long run route that I have not run since training for last years marathon. It was nice to see some old roads that I have not run in nearly 18 months. When I got back the temperatures were 47, with a feels like of 41, but still felt good to be out there sweating with my shorts and t-shirt. :)

I am starting marathon training a little late in the game and should be up to 16 miles today, but since I just made the decision last week to run this marathon, and had not run a double digit run since the marathon I didn't want to start back too aggressively and risk an early injury. This week I intentionally didn't run with a plan and instead just tried to run each day and build some mileage to give me a starting point.