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6:00 PM

6.7 mi


10:17 mi


206.5 lb


57 F
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Night run. Well, at least dark most of the time. Official sunset time was about the time I went out the door. So it was still light-ish when I left.

Did a run/walk. I think it is a little short to be doing that, but I feel like I had a good run and I am not beat up. It was the longest run in a while.

Been 2 busy weeks. Last week was the week after going to the Iguazú Falls. I didn't get to run on a regular schedule, but I got 4 days of running in. This week was the week I dealt with a huge problem at the BIO office and had to spend a lot of time on the phone with my missionaries.

The fact that I was able to put together 2 great running weeks in 2 really rough weeks is encouraging. I know I can work in the runs when it is important. It is a matter of choice on my part. I just need to start making the right choices.