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9:30 AM

68.2 mi


12.12 mi / hr


206.5 lb


65 F
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First really long ride. I was not trying to go really fast, but it was not a snail's pace either. I stopped to eat some cookies, an apple and Gatoraide for lunch while I was in Magdalena. That took 22:21. I already deducted that out of my time. I did not deduct the few minutes I took to stop at a gas station to use the bathroom and adjust my rear derailleur.

I ran out of umph as I was coming into La Plata. I only had a 100 peso bill and was not sure I could find any store with change. Plus it was 3:00 by the time I got in. Most places were closed. I trudged on through town to get home. I really needed food and drink by that time.

Going was 2:38:03 and the return was 2:59:30. Coming back I was pretty beat and I had a slight headwind.

Glad I did it. Hopefully I will be able to sit down tomorrow without having too sore of a sitter-downer. I have a train ride to BA tomorrow for a class.