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11:00 AM

5 mi


5:53 mi

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NCAC conference on Southmont's TOUGH course with strong wind. Went out in 3:30/ 1K and 5:33/ 1 mile. Stayed strong up the hills and leaned into the wind. Continued to make the conscience choice to compete and picked up guys throughout the course. Knowing the course and footing and all the Wabash support was really great. Caught Cowboy with 4-500 to go and tried to get him to roll with me. Had a great kick, ran down two Kenyon guys, legs felt like they weren't even a part of my body. Abs burned as I worked up hills, but the back was fine until the cool down. I am a legitimate 28:30 guy. Great last race, great day to be a part of the Redpack. We took 2nd in the conference as we planned.