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10 mi


5:58 mi


9 / 10
9 / 10

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8 / 277 (2.9%)
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Happy with the effort and result. Very flat course. But, the tangent was down the middle of the road and the didnt stop traffic. Garmin reported the course at 10.10 miles with a Garmin average mile of 5:55.

29:40 at the 5 mile mark. 29:56 for the second five ( the second half split has the extra 0.10 mile in it ). But, pounded out a 5:50 last mile, same as the first mile.

Was passed by 2 guys a little past the mile mark. One kept that same pace and was soon out of sight. Followed the other and was down about 10 seconds by the second or third mile. Then, chipped away at his lead by about 2 seconds per mile. Finally caught him by mile six or seven. At the same time we were both passed by somebody else. But, still had the original guy motivating me on my heels. Slogged through miles seven, eight and nine. Finally, put the hammer down on ten. First mile was the same pace as the last mile, 5:50.

Overall, one of my better efforts and was great to pace off somebody. I'm not sure I would have done so well if that guy wasnt near me the whole time. Really, didnt feel fast and the legs were heavy by mile 2. But, grinded it out anyway. I think crushing the Tuesday night workout was a bad thing in retrospect. This was the likely culprate for the heavy legs.

*Just noticed that the guy finishing a few seconds behind me was also the same guy that finished a few seconds ahead of me in the Foot Pursuit 5k a couple months ago.

**Cant wait for the Sac10 race early next year.