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7:23 AM

26.2 mi


9:32 mi


40 F

Race Result

5800 / 11578 (50.1%)
631 / 968 (65.2%)
3863 / 6427 (60.1%)

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Psyched - terrific first marathon!! Panic set in at 6:30 as traffic jam occured - got dropped off on an off ramp and walked to the start - cool 40 degrees - slight wind. Walked 5-10 seconds at some water stops. Sun eventually came up. Started a bit fast for first 3 miles than planned - but not too fast to be detrimental later in the race. First 6 miles went by like I wasnt even running. Had gel at mile 4- Chestnut street stretch - like miles 5.5 thru 7 were jammed with spectators - ran a little quicker here.

Took a second gel at about mile 10 or 10.5. Picked up the pace after mile 13 - maybe a bit premature - but felt really good. Effort started to get to me by Mile 17. Had 2 bags of pretzels at 17.5. Manayunk section was hillier thn expected but lots of crowd support. Race for me got tough t mile 21 thru to finish. legs - from toes to hips were tight and painful - a few times my hmstrings tightened and my hips had been tight since around mile 18. Took a few sips of gatorade at 21 nd 22 mile mark. Was a physical and mental roller coaster for last 5 mile s- strong stretches and tough patches. Had a little left in the tank for last half mile to get me under 4:10.

10K 1:01:11 / Half 2:08:02 / 30K 2:58:43

Legs dead tired by evening - IT bands down by both knees periodically hurt, so does right hip flexor.

Wore shorts, sleeveless dri-fit tee and long sleeve dri-fit tee. Hat for first 1.5 - 2 miles, then headband. Gloves until mile 6. Headband until about mile 8-9. Was a little warm for a few stretches, but coo when sun was behind clouds - right outfit for the temps.

Woke 4:45 - at by 5:05am Breakfast was Bagel, with PB, jelly and cinnamon, 7 0z of half gatorade half water. Left for race at 5:35am. 1 Snyder hard pretzel 15 minutes (ended up being 40 minutes) before the start. Stopped to pee once during race.

Day before meals were something like, Greek Yogurt, Oatmeal with honey, string cheese, apple - lunch 7 pancakes and 2 eggs - some various snack (chips/nuts/bannana with honey) during day. Glass of Gatorade. Pumpkin Raviolli with Chicken cranberry and 1/4 whole grain roll. couple handfuls of cereal before bed. Only slept like 6 hours.