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10:30 AM

5 km


6:02 mi

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Wayland XC Festival 5K

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XC GP stop #3. Crap diet last couple weeks and really felt bloated and not much for running but seemed to workout mostly ok. Plan was to shadow Barbour and ended up doing that for most of the first two miles because it's just a smarter way to go about it. First mile felt almost easy. Didn't kill it up the hill then got stuck in traffic. After about a half mile we started moving up here and there. It was an education to watch where and when he made little moves. Took the uphill easy but held position and then moved ahead when it leveled out. Took the downhills fast, especially the second one where I passed a handful of folks and moved ahead of Barbour. After that I settled in and recovered for about a quarter mile and he came back to me. At that point we were less than a mile from the end so it was all guts and not slowing down. We hit the track and I was in oxygen debt and wasn't thinking straight. People were passing and getting passed. It felt very slow motion and I didn't have the mental ability to even realize that the inside lane might be the shorter path between points... Wish I could have kicked for the handful of spots ahead and was pissed to learn I finished on the exact same time as a somerville dude in my AG. Think I picked up a few points with 9th but would have been much happier to have run at least 10-15 seconds faster. I'm going to focus on that and have some revenge at Mayors. Meanwhile, back to training...



Nice Race Chris!! Running behind Barbour is a great education class!! I did that a lot last year and when the meets get bigger and more congested he seems to do much better and knows how to move in that stuff. Mayor's is your race!!


I told John right off the bat that I'd be following him. Crazy thing is that it's "easy" to be his shadow but the moment I move forward on my own it gets really hard. The last two races I barely finished a couple seconds ahead of him. For that reason I hope we both shift it up a gear for Mayor's and NE.