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6:00 AM

5 km


6:20 mi


60 F
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Got up for this one at about 4:30. Got up at 4:45 yesterday. Easy trip over to Epcot. Jogged around everywhere after getting off the bus so getting around could double as a warm up. Found the "secret" bathrooms at the finish line. They were a whopping .25 miles away so very few were willing to put any effort into getting to them. Due to that they were always available for the next couple races.

Took my place in my corral and did a couple strides to open up the system and then we were lined up. I positioned myself just behind the first row. Watched the announcers do their thing and we were off. Plan was to run slower but couldn't really help setting out at sub 6 pace. It didn't feel difficult. One guy shot away but 2nd place was within reach. I tried to relax and just watch. We entered Epcot at mile 2 so, in order to keep myself from getting carried away I stopped for the first character photo. It was some black and white cat who I was later told was an Aristicat or something. After that I carried on and found myself in conversation with some kid who goes to Virginia Tech. Had to peel off for another photo when I saw some white cat with a pink bow. The photographer messed up and I had to wait for her to take another shot and make sure she figured it out. I was her first photo of the day. As I ran by her I overheard her tell the guy next to her that she "really fucked up that one." It's always awesome hearing Disney employees using language. Following that I ran a little further and took my third character photo of the mile with Lilo. At that point I figured I'd probably just get all of them. The mile was 6:21 with 3 photo stops so I probably spent about 5:45 running. Oops

The final mile was straight forward. I figured I'd just tick it off comfortably at sub 20 pace. When I crossed mile 3 and the clock read 19:00 I just started jogging knowing I'd be under 20 with no reason to put any extra effort out. A couple people blew by and that was all right. I probably just expended more energy than I wanted.

Interestingly breathing wasn't much of an issue for the shorter race but it was clear I haven't shed my cold yet.

No official time or place given since this was a "fun run." Well, Dopey runners got a time.