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9:46 AM

5 km


5:45 mi


40 F

Race Result

113 / 667 (16.9%)

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An Ras Mor

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USATF NE GP Race. Great field overcame the rain which turned out to be a non factor.

Planned on a 5:50 first mile an take it from there. After the quick first quarter I put it in autopilot until mile one and didn't worry about folks around me. From that point I had a gap to the group ahead and bridged across for the next mile. Then I picked off some folks and finished strong. Happy with the race.

GLRR Masters Men 4th. My run was the 5th and final score.

Big Negative Split, about 24 seconds. Was off goal for most of the first half of the race.

1 Manual 1.56 mi 9:07.13 9:07.13 5:51

2 Manual 1.56 mi 8:42.87 17:50 5:36