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6:31 PM

5 km


6:26 mi


83 F

Race Result

16 / 138 (11.6%)
5 / 19 (26.3%)

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FORR 5K (Pushing William)

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Fourth time for the FORR.

Had a bit of traffic up front so William really got to complaining about my slowness but a 6:28 first mile is about what I expected. Middle mile was better than expected. Third mile was worse than expected but that's to be expected due to the last bit on the gravel then grass. As I turned the corner I looked back and saw a guy pushing a stroller gaining on us. That's when I finally did some racing. 32 seconds for the .1 isn't bad pushing 150 lbs across grass.

4th fastest time pushing William. Just glad to duck under 20 minutes.