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9:03 AM

10 km


6:04 mi


65 F

Race Result

123 / 1031 (11.9%)
25 / 126 (19.8%)

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Lone Gull 10K

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Just tried to run as hard as I could and keep the miles as close to 6 as I could. It worked out half the time. Almost wanted to puke at mile 5 and couldn't kick as hard as i wanted at the end down the last hill. Not sure I left much out there but didn't go to a new level with pain either.

The 26 second improvement in 6 weeks has nothing to do with the work I've been doing, because I haven't. It was just a good day and the field pulled me along. Interestingly, I didn't get passed the whole race. Not once, even with steady splits.

Scored as third master for the team but wouldn't have scored at all on the open team. Being 40 has it's benefit.

Did a long warmup and long cool down to make it a 13.1 mile day (and dragged bucci along for most of it). It was just too nice a day and too nice a course to not get some extra running.

Negative split. 18:50 / 18:47



no dragging here. I'll run around there anytime. Thanks for the 9 miles. I failed Math.