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8:59 AM

7.6 mi


12:00 mi


159 bpm
167 bpm

Race Result

150 / 1052 (14.3%)
12 / 82 (14.6%)
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Mt. Washington Road Race

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This was like an alternate running universe. Totally out of my element. Ran the whole thing with only my heart rate showing on my watch. Stuck it at 160 give or take 3-4 beats for the first 4 miles and then my heart rate spiked and I had to start walk running it. From that point I worked on marking my position and surprisingly didn't loose much ground on people. I was also surprised that my splits didn't fall that far back... This was probably the first time I really felt lactic acid build up on a run. Usually that's reserved for cycling. I can't tell how I could have run much faster. I was working hard and I wasn't. It didn't give my body a beating and I felt really good soon after. Part of me wanted to run back down. Bummed I didn't break 1:30 but I can't really complain. I don't want to run it again but I want to go back to break 1:30. ... One of these days perhaps I'll go back and do that.