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9:00 AM

3.1 mi


6:07 mi


42 F
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2011 Patriots Run in Trenton, NJ - Inaugural Race.

I placed 4th and supposedly did a PR, breaking 19 minutes. Unfortunately, I think most people cut the course short. In retrospect, we were supposed to run further down E. Front St, but we turned left too soon. Still, it was a great race and Matthew ran it with me. Then we went home to get Peter and came back to watch the Battle of Trenton Reenactment at 11am. Awesome! Canons and muskets firing, chasing the Hessians down Warren Street. What a great day.

Race stats:

Place: 4

No: 6456

Age: 37

Div/Tot: 2/7

Sex/Tot: 4/26

S: M

Time: 18:57

Chip Time: 18:57


The race started on Lafayatte Street near the Barracks. It basically makes a plus sign across Trenton.

- Turned right on 206/S. Warren St

- Left on Market

- Left again on S. Broad

- Right on E Front

- Left on Montgomery (should have gone Left at Stockton)

- Left on E State St (mile 1)

- Right on N Broad

- Stay on Broad until the Washington Monument

- U-Turn onto N. Warren

- Right on W. State

- Stay on W. State until Calhoun St.

- U-Turn at Calhoun, run back on W. State St, heading East.

- Right on Barrack St.

- Finish at intersection of Barrack St and Lafayatte.

Pace: 6:06