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10:01 AM

3.1 mi


6:36 mi


162 bpm
194 bpm
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I woke up incredibly sick, as I've been for several days now. However, today was the worst because when I stood up to get out of bed, I literally got dizzy and had to grab the table for balance. Sadly I had to skip my karate class, but used the time to get hydrated. I considered skipping the race, but sucked it up and went anyway. The race went well, though it was not a PR. I pushed myself a bit, but it wasn't a gut-wrenching performance. I wish I could say I gave it 110%, but I don't think I did. Or perhaps my 100% was at a different level because I was sick. Fortunately, I didn't have any knee pain or calve pain during the race. It was a good race, considering the circumstances and a 13 mile run yesterday. I wore the footpod, but it didn't capture any data. I guess in my sickness and stupor, I never verified that the Garmin picked up the footpod signal. I was very curious to see how my cadence during a race would compare with my training cadence. Oh well - next time.