Personal Records for Run

Your personal records, often referred to as "PRs", consist of your best time for races of a given distance. Below is the list of your PRs automatically generated from the race results you entered.

1.00 mi7:067:06Medtronic TC 1 Mile5/8/2008View Race
2.00 mi13:566:58Good Thunder Chief's Challenge 2 Mile Run10/14/2006View Race
5.00 km22:507:21Jordon Run of the Mill 5K9/9/2006View Race
3.55 mi28:48.348:076/26/2011View Race
3.66 mi28:00.467:40Ragnar Great River Relay8/22/2009View Race
3.75 mi31:468:29MSU Triathlon5/1/2011View Race
4.00 mi29:437:26Owatonna County Fair 4 Mile8/18/2007View Race
4.26 mi37:17.048:46Ragnar Great River Relay8/21/2010View Race
4.63 mi39:40.728:35Ragnar Great River Relay8/22/2009View Race
8.00 km39:407:59Robbers on The Run9/13/2008View Race
5.02 mi40:38.798:06St. Peter Freedrom Run7/4/2011View Race
5.21 mi43:53.158:26Ragnar Great River Relay8/19/2011View Race
5.94 mi50:07.478:27Ragnar Great River Relay8/20/2011View Race
6.08 mi49:53.428:13Ragnar Great River Relay8/21/2010View Race
10.00 km48:427:51Mandan 4th of July Run7/4/2006View Race
6.92 mi56:56.368:14Ragnar Great River Relay8/21/2009View Race
12.00 km1:05:228:46Jackpot Junction Heart of Winter 12K1/13/2007View Race
9.28 mi1:17:02.928:19Ragnar Great River Relay8/20/2011View Race
15.00 km1:15:358:07Defeat of the Jessie James 15K9/7/2008View Race
9.39 mi1:15:35.128:03Defeat of the Jessie James 15K9/12/2010View Race
9.76 mi1:14:45.377:40Woman Run the Cities 10 Mile9/26/2010View Race
10.00 mi1:20:468:05Woman Run the Cities 10 Mile9/27/2009View Race
Half Marathon1:48:50.108:19Owatonna From the Heart Half Marathon5/1/2010View Race
13.19 mi1:48:28.498:14Fargo Half Marathon5/22/2010View Race
13.26 mi1:55:21.958:43Fargo Half Marathon5/21/2011View Race
13.30 mi1:45:407:57Mankato Half Marathon10/23/2010View Race
Marathon3:58:469:07Grandmas Marathon6/16/2007View Race
26.49 mi4:10:29.119:28Grandmas Marathon6/19/2010View Race