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6 km


6:37 mi


Dreaded this race very very much but tried to stay positive so my negativity didn't affect anyone else, hopefully I succeeded in that. Ran a pretty solid race considering I run 19 miles a week and don't do workouts (thank you summer elevation for killing me). Everyone said Parkside was going to be horribly hilly but honestly it was not bad at all (for the 6k race at least), I think KLM is harder. It was very pretty and we had perfect weather so that made the whole experience generally better. Ran 2 min faster than I did at regionals last year, so that's fun. My parents and my mom's friend from U of I and Anneliese came to watch and my parents brought me treats. :D Also got to see my friend Becca from high school!!!!!!!!! Filled my heart with happiness and it was nice to hear that I am not the only one completely burned out from years of HC running. Made us freaky fast but at what cost...confused about life rn. Shout out to the Ripolis and the Shims and all the others hosts for taking such good care of us! Fun weekend.



Nice race! btw what are those pumpkin cookies, I'll try them back in the 'burbs

Sara Folliard

Thanks! They are petite pumpkin spice cookies from trader joes and they are amazing!!