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4.5 mi


Major wimp-out today. We ran on the ARC indoor track and took it realllly easy but hey it can't hurt us at this point. Anneliese and I had a lovely chat about summer plans (anyone wanna visit me in Wyoming??) and grandparents. Then we went outside and did 4 x two-hundo, then we walked by Steve and he seemed a little suspicious of us but we really did do 200s I promise. Then I had dinner with like 8 million Lake Zurich grads. I set a goal for one of the 7 days I will be home this summer: I want to pet an elk in elk grove. Yes, they really have elk there!! SO EXCITED FOR NATIONALS


Anneliese Schulz

Fun fact about Busse elk is you can feed them. You're not really supposed to but people do anyway.

Sara Folliard

What does one feed an elk??