Shadyview Shiloh 3 mile

Terrain: Asphalt

Notes: East on 25th about 3 blocks, Left on Jewel Lane, curve right onto Holly Lane north to 30th Ave, left/west about 1/2 block, then left/south onto path through Shiloh Park, circle to the right around entire playground area (staying on path), back east onto 27th Ave (path ends at cul de sac of 27th), continues east on 27th to Holly, then Lollipop (return) route (south/southwest to Jewel, then South to 25th, back west across hwy 101 onto 26th Avenue, back toward home), past our house and up to Urbandale just past Troy Lane, then turnaround (at halfway point between first 2 driveways east of Troy) and head back home.