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6:12 AM

4.1 mi


7:57 mi


148 lb
136 bpm
159 bpm


35 F
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Hamel Loop


LS, the 1 mi w/u, 2 mi @ MP, 1 mi c/d.

I wore shorts and it was 35 F. Legs were fine. I wore short-sleeve top, long-sleeve over that, and a light jacket over that, and it was chilly. Not sure I could handle wearing a singlet alone for 3 hours in these temps, which is what the forecast is for Sunday's marathon. I may wear a long-sleeve under my singlet. OR, wear a long-sleeve OVER my singlet with a cut-out for the race bib, and pull it off when I warm up enough (if ever).

Anyhow, the 2 @ MP went well. The effort level felt even over both miles, but the pace was a bit quick on the 2nd mile (a good sign, I think).

Marathon strategy: Start with a 7:30 first mile, then get down to 6:55's or thereabouts and keep it there for awhile. Gauge how I'm feeling by about 10 miles and decide if I have a shot at sub-3, and increase the pace if it feels good. Finish strong for once!!