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7:12 AM

3.2 mi


8:35 mi


149 lb
131 bpm
150 bpm
49 bpm


30 F
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Hamel Loop


My goal was to w/u 1 mile, then run 2 miles at a MP-ish effort level by feel, no looking at the watch. It felt good -- quick, but not strained at all. Roughly 7:25 pace, with HR steady in the 145 - 148 bpm range. I think I need to replicate this effort level for the first 5 miles on Saturday morning when I do my next marathon time trial attempt. Keeping HR below 150 bpm for at least the first 5 miles really needs to be part of my strategy, I think. If I can do that, my pace will start to get faster without trying, and HR will creep up, but it shouldn't feel any harder ... until about mile 22 or 23 hopefully.