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6:10 AM

12 mi


8:49 mi


152 lb
138 bpm
162 bpm
48 bpm
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12 mile Aer Run, Work Treadmill, Avg HR 138, Max 151, pace was 8:26 (7.1 mph). Suggested pace was 8:29, but 7.0 mph is 8:34, so went up 0.1. I was very happy that HR stayed in low end of range. In fact, it appears to have stayed perfectly level and maybe even declined just slightly over the course of the run! [NOTE: Resting HR was 48 bpm this morning! There was a 30-second period at 44 bpm! I had a strong Out-n-Back run last Friday, and ran 16 miles fairly hard outdoors in the cold and wind on Saturday. I tend to think that Sunday's Recovery Run (5 miles, very slow, w/ HR in the 120's) helped in some way ... I would really like to know if today's resting HR would've been any different had I rested completely yesterday instead ...]