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6:40 AM

20 mi


7:32 mi


150 lb


40 F
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The RW plan was a long Out-n-Back of about 14.5 miles. I modified the plan and wanted to do a FFLR of about 18 miles, with a total of 21 miles (incl w/u and c/d). I think it was about right:

2 mi w/u,

10 mi @ 7:30 to 8:00 pace (6 miles were faster than 7:30, 2 others were very close; only the 1st 2 mi were slower)

6 mi @ 7:15 or faster (last mile was 6:30!). I felt really strong during this mile -- it was mile 18.

2 mi c/d, but actually kept up decent pace (7:56 and 7:31).

(I logged my 21st mile, run at a much slower pace, separately, since I was trying to log exactly 19.99 miles.)

I tried for race conditions: got up at 4:15, ate 2 pop-tarts, slept 2 more hours, got up, wore Saucony Fastwitch, CEP thigh sleeves (1st time, worked great), calf sleeves, Injinji socks, hat and sunglasses. I did not wear a singlet, and I wore the 4-bottle hydration belt, which are slight exceptions to race plan. I took a Gu with caffeine 15 minutes before I started, and I took 1 Gu w/o caffeine following a bathroom break around mile 7.5. (I brought another Gu, but ended up not using it.) I drank water and Red Gatorade from my bottles, alternating.

Really a confidence builder today. Adequate Fueling today (unlike most other days) made me feel strong and hopefully allows me to recover quickly.

Training Plan Entry

Out & Back

14.2 mi


3 mi w/u, 3 mi c/d. --> Total of 20.2 MILES

14.2 mi (11.0 - 16.4)

1:40:00 (1:25:00 - 1:50:00)

7:03 /mi (7:42 - 6:42)