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6:16 AM

10.5 mi


8:15 mi


152 lb
147 bpm
161 bpm
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10.5 miles Out-and-Back on ACIST Treadmill. Really good numbers! 7.3 mph for 3 miles, 7.4 mph for next 3, and 7.5 mph for last 3 miles. HR plateaued (sp?) around 155 bpm during the sustained portion, with an Avg HR of 147 and a Max HR of 161. Well within the prescribed range of 144-167. This is a great sign, I think. I benefited from almost 8 full hours of sleep last night, AND my resting HR this morning was low -- down to 49 bpm after laying down on a cold floor for just 15 seconds! My true resting HR is now below 50 (although I want to confirm with an early morning "sleeping" reading).