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6:53 AM

2 mi


6:53 mi


148 lb
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2 mi @ MP on TM at work (8.8 mph / 1.5% incline). Actually, a bit faster than MP -- 6:48. This felt easier than the MP "dress rehearsal" runs I did before Twin Cities (did I even do this workout the week of TCM?) and Mankato. The problem with the pre-Mankato run was that I was outside running by feel, and my 2nd mile was quite a bit faster than MP. Treadmill fixes that. I feel like the TM at work is maybe too generous with pace -- I felt like it is easier to run MP on the TM than in real life. This is why I bumped up the levels (speed and incline) just slightly. Although I didn't really notice a difference. And the HR numbers are worthless today. It would've been nice to see good HR data (was I under 155 bpm throughout? that would've been nice to know). My perceived exertion seemed about right, though.