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6:32 AM

14.6 mi


8:24 mi


149 lb
144 bpm
162 bpm
48 bpm


39 F
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Shadyview to Luce Line West 10 mile loop

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14.5 mile Long Aerobic Run, home to Luce line west and back. Avg pace about 8:20, Avg HR ~145, although erratic HR plot on Garmin connect, probably due to Tech shirt. Strong Westerly wind in my face on the way out, at my back on the return half. Today's run felt much more difficult than the long runs of the past 2 weekends. I attribute this to the Out-n-Back run yesterday -- 7.3 mph for 9 miles on treadmill. My last 3 miles today (before cooldown jog) were fast (for a Long run): 8:05, 8:10, and 8:02, and the HR's were higher (152-ish), but I don't remember "pushing" it at all. Probably not good to finish like this on a Long Run day.