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12:35 PM

6.2 mi


8:26 mi


148.2 lb
135 bpm
173 bpm
50 bpm


69 F
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Hamel Loop


100/100 Workout -- per RW, 100m in 19 sec, then 100m in 29 sec (Sprint / Float), which works out to about 5:06 pace for the sprints, and about 7:47 pace for the floats, and roughly 6:26 avg pace -- if followed exactly per the RW plan.

I ran back and forth on Hunter Dr., with a 100m stretch determined by running 21x3 steps hard, then roughly 30x3 steps to turn around, then repeat 14 times.

Actuals: I think I came pretty close on the Sprints -- my "peak" pace during each sprint was faster than 5:00 pace. Unfortunately, my avg pace on the floats appears to have been significantly slower than 7:47. Oh well, something to work on next time.

MTA: Checking my Avg Pace during the 100/100's, I did a total of 1.83 miles at an avg pace of 6:35, which is pretty close to the target. And I did the full 14 x 100/100, so that's a decent effort.