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7:00 AM

26.2 mi


7:41 mi


150 lb


31 F

Race Result

44 / 326 (13.5%)
3 / 21 (14.3%)
38 / 182 (20.9%)
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Very cold at start. Small event, so it was nice to hang out in the high school gym right up until last minute, run outside, throw bag in truck, and head to start line. Very well run event.

I thought my training was solid, and my recent race results have been good, and conditions were very good today. Soooo, I have to blame my taper and/or my carb loading regimen. Something may be not quite right. I may need a longer taper at my age. But then again, my races leading up to this event had NO taper. Carb loading was too heavy on processed, sugary foods. I know that last Fall before TCM, I thought I had pretty much blown off carb loading. I had pizza very late the night before TCM. Who knows. Just wasn't my day. Sub-3 may never happen. Although Spinach said he ran sub-3 for the first time at age 53, so maybe I should keep at this for a while. Things to ponder.

Great to meet spinach DURING and AFTER the race! Great to see Elaina before and after the race, too! She flew by so fast DURING the race that it doesn't even count as seeing her! She finished 3rd female!

MTA (4/19/2017): Looking back on this, I think my solid race results leading up to this marathon may have been the culprit. I ran 3 events on consecutive weekends in April (Ron Daws 25K, Camp Wanna Half, and Trail Mix 25K), and I really raced these pretty hard (Masters Champion at Trail Mix, 2nd AG at Camp Wanna). So, even though there was 4 weeks between Trail Mix and Wobegon, there may have been considerable cumulative fatigue. I also noticed that the week after Trail Mix, I ran a 21-miler with a FFLR segment that included 5 miles at 7:00-7:15 pace and 1 mile at 6:30 pace!! And then, 1 week later and just 2 weeks before the marathon, I ran a workout that was 2 x 6 miles at MP, with a 0.5 mi jog break. Uggh. I'm not sure what I was thinking at the time, but it seems to explain why I struggled so much in a race where I had a chance to break 3 hours.



Give your self a bit of time to think about this and I would suggest focusing first on three things that you did well. Then three things that you could improve upon. Your training has been solid, your race results point to a sub 3. Maybe a bit slower start and build into the pace? Just not your day? Can't have your A game all the time. Rest up and get back on the horse -- sub 3 is still in reach.


Thanks for the very thoughtful comments, Rob.

PLUS side: 1) I trained well. 2) I "thought" I was easing into my pace early on -- I had conversations with other runners and didn't feel like I was pushing it during the first half. 3) I followed my fueling strategy, alternating gels and gatorade at my planned aid stations.

Things I could improve upon: 1) Less concern with pace, especially early on. 2)


(cont'd) Less concern in general with finishing time -- run it like I ran my races leading up to ti. And 3) My intuition told me to shorten and ease up on some of my runs during the last 2 weeks of my taper -- next time, listen to the voices in my head!