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5:45 AM

11 mi


8:33 mi


151.6 lb
124 bpm
162 bpm
47 bpm


52 F
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3 w/u, 10 x 400m @5K pace, 400m walk/jog recovery, ~3 c/d.

Felt pretty good during the first 8 repeats, but right hamstring was getting tight, so I eased off the gas for the last two.

Overall avg pace for the 10 repeats was 5:54. It was actually 5:50 pace for first 8, and about 6:18 pace for the last 2, where I was taking it "easy." So, I should have no problem running a 5K at ~6:15 pace (~19:20), but no way I could keep up 5:50 for an entire 5K (18:06), at least not right now. Split the difference: 18:43, which is ~6:03 pace. That seems daunting. Maybe a good strategy next week is to start around 6:10 for the first mile, and try to ramp it up gradually from there.