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6:57 AM

9.1 mi


6:39 mi


150.4 lb
157 bpm
162 bpm
49 bpm


28 F
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60 minutes at strong effort. GPS says it was a little over 9 miles, but the track says it was a little bit under 9 miles. I was told by SD_BH that I should run it at 159 bpm sustained, and I thought I'd shoot for about 157-158 bpm (based on some recent encouraging results). However, when I ran it today, I didn't look at HR or Pace data once during the run; I ran it entirely by feel. My HR hit about 157 after 2 miles, then stayed VERY steady with a slight increase to about 160 bpm for the last couple miles. The HR plot looks almost perfect.

Result: ~9 miles in 60 minutes, avg pace ~6:45, HR ~158-160 bpm for most of the run after leveling off.

Training Plan Entry


12 mi

2 w/u, then 60 mins @ 153 bpm HR (possibly higher), then 1 c/d.

I should be able to finish 8.5 miles or more during the 60-min portion.