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2:11 PM

9.3 mi


6.73 mi / hr


164 lb


2 F
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Baker Park


Another cold day (2F), but really not that bad if dressed for it. Fewer skiers, so that’s a plus. Classic tracks at Baker were really well set, but there was a LOT of leaf debris, which was surprising. There was some leftover debris stuck in my kick wax pocket from yesterday, so that slowed things down a bit early on today. Then, a large clump of something embedded itself into the wax pocket — I didn’t bother looking at it until I was done for the day. It was big, and it really slowed me down. It may have damaged the base a bit, too. I haven’t cleaned it off yet … it looked like a wad of gum on the bottom of a shoe that you’ve walked around on for a few days.