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5:56 AM

5.7 mi


12:12 mi


152 lb
102 bpm
134 bpm


63 F
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Hamel Loop


Easy walk/jog. I ignored the HR numbers while running because they did not seem to change -- it stayed around 102 or 103 for a really long time. HOWEVER, I *may* have it set the display mode to show AVG HR, or something similar, because the plot of HR over time for this run shows perfect HR correlation with paces. For the last few miles, I walked then jogged every 0.1 miles, and the HR plot shows HR dipping to a min of 90 bpm during walk portions, and peaking at a max of about 120 bpm during the jog portions. Nothing erratic or bogus-looking on the plot at all. (I may need to go in and adjust the display setting so that it doesn't confuse me like this in the future.