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7:33 AM

7.1 mi


9:11 mi


149 lb
129 bpm
143 bpm
48 bpm


12 F
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Cty 6 Long Lake Luce Line out and back

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7.1 miles, ~9:00 pace, 129 bpm avg HR. I have been substituting by Sunday "Aerobic Runs" with "Jogs" instead. Since Friday is an Out-n-Back, and Saturday is a Long Run, and Monday is a relatively long Aerobic Run (11-12 miles), it doesn't make sense to run my Sunday run at the suggested pace (8:00 today).

In my last RW marathon plan, Sunday was a Jog, and Thursdays were Off. This time around, RW has Thursdays as a Jog and Sundays as an Aerobic Run. So, not only am I going from 6 to 7 days per week running, but the plan would have me make BOTH Sundays and Thursdays harder than they were last time around. I am modifying the plan to give myself the same break I had on Sundays in the last plan.