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5:54 AM

13 mi


8:48 mi


152 lb
139 bpm
147 bpm
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13 mile Aerobic Run on Work Treadmill. Faster than expected (7.2 mph for second half of it, 7.1 for first half), AND lower than expected HR (it stayed in the mid to high 130's until I bumped it up to 7.2. Even then, it didn't go above 145 until the last mile). This seems like maybe I've reached a plateau of sorts -- a new, higher level of fitness for me. Or maybe I'm just now fully recovered from being sick. Anyhow, average pace during the sustained run portion was about an 8:22 min/mile pace. I guess that's not a ton faster than the prescribed pace and well within the range (9:17 - 8:30 - 8:03), but in light of the fact that I feel like I've struggled just to be AT pace until today makes it feel like a moral victory.

Oh, and the idea of running 13 miles BEFORE work seemed impossible a couple of months ago.