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10:05 AM

16 mi


6:28 mi

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Course was a little slick to start on and off for the first 8 miles or so because it snowed the day before. overall great weather. Thought it would be a little cold but it was in the mid 20s with sun. Started at a horrendous pace and kind of just held it. Felt going in if I could hold MP (6:52) for 16 that would be impressive but a reach goal due to the course. PR'd on the half at just over 1:25 which really pumped me up for a strong finish. Tried out the no headphones on a longer race and surprisingly i can run a long distance without music.overall happy with the results in a kind of all out race.

Thanks to Bui for getting me in and thanks to EJ and Bash for running hills with me weekly. next stop super 5k.

Top it off patriots are heading to the superbowl.