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11:00 AM

13.1 mi


5:37 mi


156.5 lb
160 bpm
202 bpm
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NEW PR!!!! Been a long time coming. This was the PR i had little faith I'd ever take down. I hit the wind and everyone backed off the pace and i knew i couldn't. I knew i had 5-10 seconds to spare if i i kept running around 535-540. Pushed as hard as i could up the hill to the point where i felt like i might vomit and ran like hell to the finish.

Ran much of the race with the lead female. there was a camera crew and the truck was right next to me most of the race as she was running right behind me and they were filming her.

Fucking stoked. 3 races, 3 PRs, one to two more weeks of work then its time to end this busy season shit and get on to racing.



Nice job dude!