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4 mi


5:32 mi

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Nice day for a fast race. Strong crosswind on the causeway was only downside.

According to split callers...5:22, 10:55, 16:32,

Fast first mile probably a little wind aided. Had a good pack to run with. Great battle with hixon over the final mile. Was riding his shoulder letting him take the wind. With about 1k to go he maneuvers behind me to make me take a turn, and put a push on right then. Got good separation and kept it to the end. 3rd master, 2nd age group, 19 overall, pr by a single second ... I'll take it.



Good job. I was planning to go but got injured on my right foot two weeks ago.

Ntown Kevin

Thank you, yond. I am sorry to hear about your injury. I hope it heals quickly.


Thanks. It has healed and now I come back to regular training. Feels good.