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5:41 mi

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Awesome race, working with mike nahom the whole way.

So, goals achieved (barely), but this was one of the coolest races I've run yet. PR (28:21.73 - which I am totally not rounding up and counting, especially since a wrong turn added about 100 meters for me and the dude I followed incorrectly pretty near the end).

A couple of legit studs (Eric macknight and will sanders) showed up and crushed it. I ran in a pack with Mike and another guy, three of us tight the whole way. Kent started 30m ahead and basically added 50m to that per mile - not catching him. But mike was awesome - when the other dude started to pull away from us on the downhill 4th mile he says "c'mon man, roll with me and let's get him together ". Totally woke me up and we worked back to him.

with about three tenths to go they were a few steps ahead of me. Two entrances back to the finish in the shopping area, the near one and the right one - mike went straight and on to the right one, but I followed dude into the wrong one. A few moments of confusion, but I registered that mike was right and went to chase him down. Had to dig really deep - Macknight was on his cool down and as I'm into my kick says "eyes up man, go!". Kind of surprised mike as I was catching him, but he was super classy and kind of waved me by him, saying something like "wrong turn man you earned it"

anyway, 6oa, 3ag, and a really fun time. Cooled down with sanders after and think I'm going to join his club team to fill out their masters roster as I turn 40 next month.