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Probably the worst conditions I've raced in, that's for sure. Miserable cold, hard snow, and blowing winds. End of March, dude. C'mon.

Anyway, got there early for the kids' races. Half mile for both of them, and they both did great. Kyle looked very strong. Awesome.

"Warmed up" best I could. There was a lot of standing around at the start (for good reasons). Father Bob said a really nice prayer. The Team 26 bike riders said a few words before pedaling down to DC. Really nice anthem.

Started second row, behind high school kid. I knew it would pretty much be me and him. We passed the lead car right away (it started a little close to the line, and must have turned off because never saw it again). The race set up with high school dude about 10 paces in front of me. Stayed that way for 3.05 miles. I kept thinking to myself in the last mile, I bet I could take him...then I'd second guess...then I'd think it again. Then in the last quarter, I said f' it. I'm taking it. This kid is 17. He'll win races. I'm old. I gotta take what I can. And I wanted to see my family see me win, because that's just cool.

So, in the last 100m, with the full benefit of blasting speaker music to hide my approach...I stole it. Blew by him and out leaned him (both recorded 17:37's, with me just a fraction of a second ahead). Alli says he had a sad/pissed off face when I passed. Oh well.

There were some grumblings at the awards ceremony..."second place got robbed". I know it sucks to get nipped by some old dude in a charity 5k, but I'm happy to be the villain in the story I'm sure that dude will tell his friends. Or maybe not. Maybe he'll be cool with it. I know I am.



I got a kick out of this and it was one for the old guys. To do it in front of the family is the best part. Great job.

Ntown Kevin

Thanks, man. And nice rice yourself this weekend too - 8 minute PR? Sheesh!