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4:56 mi

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Definitely happy with this race. I would have been happy with anything under 5, as it's been a kind of crappy fall / early winter with foot problems (mostly pf), but seems to be coming around now.

First indoor meet ever. This was at the Bacon Field House at Wesleyan in Middletown. I understand they're going to replace the track this summer...good call. It's obviously on its last legs, but must have been pretty nice when it first opened. Flat track. No real amenities or anything - pretty cool to see A. Burfoot had a bunch of records on the wall (all outdoor though).

Anyway, mile was after the 3000, racewalk (weird slow motion race), 200, 800, and 400. Just one heat, men and women together. I was seeded 3rd with my 5 flat mark. Two 4:50 dudes in front.

The race itself was a blur. The splits I remember - 1:14 (400), 2:30 (8:00), and 3:06 (1,000). That's it. I was trying to do other math at the other splits, but there was no time to do that and concentrate on the race. First 400 I was tucked in second (actually had to run in lane 2 for most of the first two laps. Then decided I had enough of that, and took the lead. That lasted the next three laps, when the eventual winner swung decisively past me. He put on good 10 to 20 meters. I had a crazy kick in the last 200 that got me closer, but was still second by a lot. Still, negative split the race, and will take it. It was a total blur, even writing this I can't remember much but the laps just melding together, and trying to hang on as best I could. Good times.

Love the A6's by the way. Good fast shoe.