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5:07 mi

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This was a blast. So, basically this Mondo track is in the middle of nowhere, CT, a $1.2 million "anonymous" gift (though everyone seemed to know who gave it), and it's awesome. The town sponsors this event of miles twice a summer.

Attracts everyone from the 11 year old kid who's running at nationals in the 3200 in 2 weeks (ran a 5:0x tonight...11 years old!) to the hobbiest jogger among us. They ran 5 races: 9 and under (awesome, can't believe these kids finished in this heat), 13 and under, 18 and under, 49 and under, and over 49.

I was the only 30, so I "won" the age group. Finished 2nd in the heat by 2 seconds.

So, the race...could tell it would be me and one other dude. He was 29 and clearly a runner. He bolted at the start, and something told me to try and stay with him. I should not have listened. Came through 1 in 70s. I laughed out loud when I heard the split.

Second lap in 80. Third in 82 (fell asleep, and damn it was hot). Last in 74. Proud of the finish, definitely kicked it home and made up a lot of space b/w me and the leader. Came through finish in 5:06.07 (so 5:07). Pretty happy with it, especially considering the conditions (90 at the start with 70 dew point...f'in gross).

Definitely a nice crowd of people. Think I will try this again next month.