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5 km


5:28 mi

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Reality check on this one. I have some legitimate excuses for having a less than stellar race, but really comes down to just being rusty and not quite all there. (and while my ankle is kinda f'd, I really didn't feel it during the race, so that excuse isn't so legit - full on cold though, is).

Anyway, was pretty cool to meet all the soundRunner folks. All good people, and all pretty darned fast.

This course is ridiculously flat and straight, and really should have put something better together here.

The start was a bit of a cluster. Literally couldn't move when the gun started. Was jammed like a sardine in the fourth row or so. A bit of weaving...and even with all that, 5:22 got called at the split. The rest of the race was just a classic slow fade. Given my push over the last quarter mile (starting at the cemetery gate) I definitely did not give an all out effort here. Had way to much left over. Just kind of a weak mental and physical fade. Will get better, just need to race a little more, which is coming.

18 overall, 3rd masters. 2nd masters team. Lots of work to do.

16:54 net time