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5 km


5:40 mi

Race Result

2 / 166 (1.2%)
2 / 28 (7.1%)


Hahahahah. Ha.

Too f'in hot. And too many races all together. 84 degrees, 64 dewpoint.

Was drenched after warmup. But decided, what the hell - burn the boats strategy. Go balls out, and see if I could hang on.

Uh, nope.

Tim took it out soft (kind of refreshing in a 5k to not have everyone sprint out the first 400m). But then just slowly loped out of reach.

Net downhill first 2 miles. Was cruising. But came through 2 in 10:21. It was funny. I laughed out loud at the split girl. She probably thought I was nuts. The road was so straight, I could still see Tim, but I was completely drained at that point. I had zero left in my legs.

Rest of the race was just slogging it home, hoping that everyone behind me was feeling equally shitty. They were.

It was still a race, and still fun. And hell, second place, right? Nothing wrong with that.